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Age-Appropriate Play video 3 titles

Age-Appropriate Play, The First Four Years
Help parents lay the foundation in early childhood for health cognitive, physical, social and emotional development with this three-video set, covering the crucial first four years of life. Each volume teaches parents and caregivers age-appropriate play that ensures every child will have the attention and stimulus they need to flourish physically and emotionally. The video also increases the satisfaction
parents experience as they better understand their child's responses and the important roll their interaction plays in healthy development.

With Age-Appropriate Play,You Will

  • Lay the foundation for healthy language, physical, social and emotional development
  • Strengthen parent-child relationships
  • Improve daycare provider and teacher competency
  • Help parents and caregivers take full advantage of natural learning environments
  • Support emerging competencies through the first four years

Volume 1: The First Year (newborns to age 1)

  • Activities that support: gross motor, fine motor, language and social skills
  • Toy and home safety
  • Importance of learning through exploration
  • Creating trusting and loving relationships
  • Saving "no's" for safety concerns and more

Volume 2: The Second Year (ages 1-2)

  • How to support walking and other gross and fine motor skills
  • Stimulating language through talking, games, songs and reading
  • The beginnings of imaginative and imitative play
  • Toddler-centered safety, discipline and more

Volume 3: The Third and Fourth Years (ages 2-4)

  • Social development and cooperative play
  • Creative play with everyday objects
  • Increasing finger dexterity through arts and crafts and other activities
  • Improving language skills with music, storytelling, imagination and more

Each volume comes with a Facilitator's Guide which includes parent handouts. Ages 13-Adult, Running time is 10 minutes per video. Released 2002.

Sorry, we cannot ship this title to Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer previewing on videos. However, we will refund the price of the video when it is returned to us unharmed and unmarked within 30 days of the date we shipped it. Sorry, no refunds on shipping.

Available in English only, as a set of 3 DVDs #2002

Price: $249.85
Item Number: 2002

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