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Feeding with Love and Good Sense II DVD

Feeding with Love and Good Sense II DVD
Ellyn Satter’s updated classic DVD

Compelling video of real parents and real children show what to do – and not do – with feeding. Four segments each containing vignettes of five to ten families.

The Infant
Your baby eats best when you get on the same wavelength and understand what she tells you about her eating and sleeping. Keep figuring things out with your baby until you both get your needs met – yours to nurture and hers to be nurtured.

The Transitional Child
Midway in her first year, your baby starts working her way from learning to eat semi-solid food from the spoon to joining in with family meals. Guide feeding by what your baby does, not her age. Give plenty of chances to learn, have fun, and let her eat whether and how much she wants.

The Toddler
The toddler is picky, does not eat as much as he did earlier, eats a lot one time and hardly anything another, and is skeptical of even familiar foods. To do well with eating, our child needs structure, opportunities to learn and no pressure. Do your jobs, then settle for however much – or little – he eats.

The Preschooler
If you do your feeding jobs and let your preschooler do his eating jobs, he will be a competent eater. He may eat more, less or different foods in order to please you, but don’t force it.

Copyright 2011, run time 60 minutes for all 4 segments.

DVDs are available for Individual Private Use, for Group Programing or Teaching Use, and as a Loop Version for waiting room use.
The individual use DVD, English #2456 or Spanish #2457.
The group or teaching use DVD, Spanish #2459.
The loop version for waiting rooms DVD, English only #2460.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer previewing on videos. However, we will refund the price of the video when it is returned to us unharmed and unmarked within 30 days of the date we shipped it. Sorry, no refunds on shipping.

DVDs are available in English #2456 or Spanish #2457 for individual use. In Spanish #2459 for group or teaching use, and in English only #2460 as a loop version for waiting rooms.

Price: From $37.46 to $112.46

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