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Bettina, a secretary, has enjoyed her time at home with her baby and feels that she has created a special bond through breastfeeding. Time at home will allow for a breastfeeding routine to become established.
Segment 2: Preparing at Home for Your Return
Finally, a mother needs to think about who will care for her child while she is at work. If childcare needs to be arranged, a place close to work rather than home might be more convenient to a breastfeeding mother.
A supervisor can help an employee find 2-3 flexible breaks during the day where she can find time to breastfeed or pump once back at work.
If the company doesn't already have one, a mother can ask that the company adopt a formal, supportive breastfeeding policy that prohibits any sexual harassment of women who are breastfeeding or pumping.
There may be on-site or nearby childcare facilities that a mother can take advantage of once she is back at the workplace.
Some employers will allow an extended maternity leave to allow mothers to stay home as long as possible with their baby. A new mother should also inquire about the company's health plan covering lactation assistance and equipment.
Supporting breastfeeding is a sound business practice for employers. Some of the benefits include the mothers missing fewer work days and having lower healthcare costs resulting in higher productivity and greater morale and loyalty. This helps retain good employees and gives the company a family-friendly image in the community.
The first step during pregnancy is to talk to a supervisor or the human resources department about breastfeeding needs.
Ana, an interior designer, feels that her employer is very supportive of her decision to breastfeed while at work. She can continue to work as well as be a mother and feel good about both.
Segment 1: Planning during Pregnancy.
This program will show a new mother how to pump and store her milk once she is back at work.
This program will show mothers how to plan ahead during pregnancy and how to prepare for the return to work after the baby is born.
No matter where a mother works, she can find a creative solution to successfully combine breastfeeding and employment.
Mothers dedicated to breastfeeding, even after they return to work, will enjoy better health for themselves and their children for years to come.
"Breastfeeding for Working Mothers" shows new mothers how to successfully continue breastfeeding once they return to work.