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There is no doubt that breastfeeding provides the best first food for a baby.
Kian and his partner both agree that breastfeeding is the right start for their baby.
Doctors, researchers and even infant formula companies all agree that breast milk is better than anything you can get out of a can.
The video offers encouraging words from some real fathers who have partners that breastfeed.
After the three major concerns of the father are addressed, the video goes on to discuss how dads can help and support their partner.
The second part of the video tackles three major concerns new fathers might have about their partner breastfeeding.
The video is broken into four sections with the first being "5 Great Reasons to Breastfeed".
Jesse suggests that all soon to be fathers should research breastfeeding and find out what breast milk has to offer that formula doesn't have to offer.
"What's a Dad Suppose to Do?" when faced with the topic of breastfeeding?
Fathers of bottle feeding infants did not realize the benefits of breastfeeding for the infant.
Researchers have also found that fathers of bottle feeding infants had less knowledge of breastfeeding.
Many studies have found that the father was the main influential factor in the mother's decision to breastfeed or to formula feed.
If you are becoming a new dad, now is a good time to start talking about breastfeeding. The reasons supporting breastfeeding may surprise you.
Justin explains that breastfeeding was never a topic of conversation up until he had a baby with his partner Hilary.
Generally, breastfeeding is not considered a "guy" topic.
"Breastfeeding: What's a Dad Suppose to Do?" is a Dads-only video from the producer of the award-winning video "The Benefits of Breastfeeding" and another new companion video in the "Why to Breastfeed" series.