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about us


Who We Are

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Noodle Soup evolved from Weingart Design, our parent graphic design studio. Owner Cydney Weingart, above in red, has enjoyed a successful career in graphics since attending the Cleveland Institute of Art in the early 70's. Along with her hard working assistants, Noodle Soup has turned into a nationally recognized health promotions company.

Noodle Soup of Weingart Design, 100% Woman Owned, specializes in developing low-literacy, low cost, well illustrated, easy-to-read materials that inspire pregnant women, new moms or parents to take care of themselves and do their best for their children. Breastfeeding promotion, the core of the business, started in the early 90's when we were known as “The Learning Curve.” Since then we have changed our name and gone on to produce low literacy materials that promote perinatal education, postpartum care, immunization, nutrition and early childhood development, always encouraging good parenting skills. We are committed to bright, colorful, reader-friendly pieces that teach and engage.

Most recently, we added daycare centers to our mailing list, promoting the importance of early literacy, creativity and play with our books and toys.

Many of our products can be customized. See Customized Products in the categories bar to the left or call us toll free at 1-800-795-9295 for help.

For a free Noodle Soup catalog, click on Request Catalog or call at this same number.

We do not accept any product endorsement.

Help us grow!
We grow by hearing from our customers and filling your needs. If you have a subject or idea you would like to see us develop, please call or e-mail owner Cydney Weingart:, or call 1-800-795-9295.

We take pride in putting out accurate information. If you question our facts, find any typos or could help us update any given piece to make it better, we are delighted to hear from you.

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