Hunger Cues Tear Pad, Jasmine – Bilingual


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Available Bilingual #1538
Sold in pads of 50 sheets each

Baby Hunger Cues Tear Pad – Bilingual

Recognizing baby hunger cues is one key to calm, successful feeding. This bilingual tear pad uses real photos to show how a baby progresses from early hunger cues to late stage crying. This helps families recognize and respond to the first signs of hunger. Between “Jasmine” tear pad featuring an African-American baby “Kenny” tear pad (#1548) featuring a Caucasian baby, you can provide culturally sensitive education throughout your community’s population. The text is identical on both pads.

Two-sided sheet measures 8½ x 11″ with 50 sheets per pad. English on one side, Spanish on the other.

What Are the Signs of Hunger in Babies?

There are many signs of hunger in babies and we go over them in detail on our baby hunger cues tear pads.  Many top pediatricians have developed a three stage approach when it comes to reading hunger cues in newborns.  The three stages in signs of hunger with babies are; early, mid, and late hunger cues.

Early Signs of Hunger in Babies

early signs of hunger cues in babies and newborns

There are tell-tale signs of early hunger cues for your baby.  You may notice their mouth opening, head turning to find mom’s breast, licking lips, slight movements.  During the early stage of hunger, your baby is not typically fussy.  However, to prevent your baby from becoming upset, this is a great time to feed your baby.

Middle Signs of Hunger in Babies

middle signs of hunger cues in babies

During the middle stage of your babies hunger signs, you’ll start to notice an increase in movement.  This typically indicates the babies desire to find mom and latch on.  Your baby will also start to stretch and look a little more irritated.  When your babies hands start to go into their mouths, you know it is definitely time to feed them.  This is as sure of a sign as they come!

Late Signs of Hunger in Babies

late signs your baby is hungry

The late signs of hunger in babies may be extremely obvious to the veteran mother.  However, not all mom’s understand the dire cries for food that some may be aware of in their babies.  When your baby is in the final hunger stage, you will notice a lot of erratic movement, crying, and even turning red.  Now you may want to feed your baby immediately, and that would seem like the logical thing to do, but there’s one step you need to take first.  It’s very important to calm your baby before feeding.  You can gently stroke your baby, talk to your baby or cuddle skin-to-skin on your chest.  Once your baby has calmed, you may proceed with feeding your baby.

Signs Your Baby Is Full After Eating

Once your baby has filled their belly, your baby will show signs of being full.  Some of these signs include the following;

  1. Baby turns away from the bottle or breast.
  2. Baby is slowing down sucking.
  3. Your baby may start falling asleep kind of like we do after a big plate of spaghetti!
  4. Your baby feels relaxed.
  5. Baby is hiccuping.
  6. Your baby may have wet burps.
  7. Babies hands are open and relaxed.

We hope that you found our baby hunger cue tear-pad educational and informative!

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Hunger Cues Tear Pad, Jasmine – Bilingual
Hunger Cues Tear Pad, Jasmine – Bilingual


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