Baby Hunger Cues Tear Pad


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Available Bilingual #1548
Sold in pads of 50 sheets each

Baby Hunger Cues Tear Pad

Successful feeding starts with feeding on demand and that begins with understanding baby hunger cues. This second in the hunger cues tear pad series features a newborn Caucasian baby. Between “Kenny” tear pad featuring a Caucasian baby and “Jasmine” tear pad (#1538) featuring an African-American baby, you can provide culturally sensitive education to your program participants. The text is identical on both pads. Help young mothers get feeding off a good start by recognizing cues and feeding on demand.

Two-sided sheet measures 8½ x 11″ with 50 sheets per pad. English on one side, Spanish on the other.

Newborn Baby Hunger Cues

Most new moms are not born with knowing how a baby acts when they are hungry.  This is something that we typically learn as we go.  However, the baby hunger cues tear pad is a great graphic illustration that you can pin around the house to help you understand what stage of hunger your baby may be in.  Professionals across the industry have narrowed it down to three sets of hunger cues; early, active, and late.  As you read below it may be a great piece of education for you to recognize your babies hunger cues.

Early Hunger Cues

early baby hunger cues

Early baby hunger cues are slightly more difficult to read than the later stages.  It may just look like your baby is entertaining itself while laying on a soft surface or your arms.  However, there’s a few tell tale signs that your baby is showing you early hunger cues.

  • Stirring, licking lips.  Hey, our babies aren’t that much different than us!  You may notice your baby starting to lick their lips and making smacking noises.  You may even hear a click noise.  These are signs your baby is hungry.
  • Mouth opening is another early hunger cue.  This is your baby signaling to you that they want your breast or bottle in its mouth.  Pretty smart, huh?
  • Turning head and seeking something to root on.  Your baby may be trying to suck on its hands or foot, and even toys or clothing.

Active Hunger Cues

active baby hunger cues

Active baby hunger cues signal that your baby is getting a little more anxious and is desiring to eat now.  The following are some of the active/mid hunger cues.

  • Stretching and trying to position itself to nurse.
  • Hands in its mouth while getting squirmy and active.
  • Increasing movement which can include hitting you on the arm or chest.

Late Hunger Cues

late baby hunger cues

Late hunger cues are the final stage of your baby showing hunger.  This is when your baby will show that it is visibly upset with a lot of aggressive movement and crying.  During this stage you will need to calm your baby before you feed them.  Some of the best things to do is talking to your baby, gently stroking your babies arms or back, and kangarooing which is skin to skin with your baby.

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Baby Hunger Cues Tear Pad
Baby Hunger Cues Tear Pad


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