Baby-Led Breastfeeding DVD


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Meet real mothers and real babies with a variety of breastfeeding challenges

Baby-Led Breastfeeding the Mother Baby Dance DVD
with Christina M. Smillie, MD

Let Baby Lead the Way
In Baby-Led Breastfeeding, we see mothers learning to breastfeed naturally by letting their babies show them how. Like kittens and puppies, human babies are already hardwired to seek out and find the breast. In this video we see just how babies can do it when we get out of the babies way. © 2010.

In this DVD, we see

  • real mothers with their babies of various ages, with a variety of breastfeeding challenges
  • that baby-led breastfeeding is not limited to the first 24 hours of life, nor is limited to the baby crawling to the breast with mother on her back.
  • 16 minutes in length, plus bonus footage real world examples

Winner of AVA 2007 Gold Award

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Baby-Led Breastfeeding DVD
Baby-Led Breastfeeding DVD


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