Baby’s First Phone


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Baby’s First Phone Baby's First Phone

Engages baby’s senses

Baby’s First Phone is perfect for the baby who is always grabbing for mom or dad’s phone. This plush toy’s colorful colors and textures engages even the youngest infants. Rubber teether extends usefulness to older babies. The built in squeaker is fun for all. Baby’s first phone attaches to a stroller for playtime fun. Comes in assorted styles.

A baby’s phone can help baby development in a number of ways. First, it can help to develop baby’s fine motor skills by encouraging them to grip and press buttons. Secondly, it can help baby to learn about cause and effect by experiencing the consequences of their actions. For example, baby will learn that pressing the button on the phone will make a sound.

Baby’s Phone is a blast!

A baby’s toy phone can also help baby to develop their language skills. By listening to the different sounds that the phone makes, baby will start to identify different phonemes and recognize how they are used to form words. In addition, baby will also learn how to press the buttons in order to make the phone say specific words or phrases. As a result, a baby toy phone can be a valuable tool in helping baby development.

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Baby’s First Phone
Baby’s First Phone


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