Baby’s First Weeks booklet


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Available in English #1600 or Spanish #1610
Sold as individual booklets

Baby’s First Weeks booklet

Baby’s First Weeks bookletPerfect discharge booklet!

It’s getting harder to find the basics all in one booklet especially with no product affiliation. Baby’s First Weeks has it all!

Baby’s First Weeks covers all the infant care basics without overwhelming your lower literacy clients. Like our other materials, this 40-page booklet is clearly written at an 8th-grade reading level and chock-full of helpful illustrations.

The Baby’s First Weeks booklet starts with a chart for parents to record their baby’s progress during the first week of life. The following 8 pages are devoted to infant feeding, with a special emphasis on breastfeeding. Then the booklet goes on to answer common feeding questions.

The booklet continues with a page each on:

  • jaundice
  • bowel movements
  • bath time
  • cord and genital care
  • sleeping
  • crying
  • sickness
  • temperature taking
  • how to  read a thermometer

The last pages discuss fontanels, hiccups, diaper rash, siblings, pets, etc.

The booklet ends with a list of safety tips. This includes recommended immunizations and illustrated instructions for dealing with choking and CPR. Booklet is available in English or Spanish and are 5½ x 8½” in size. 40 pages, ©2014. Quantity discounts available for same language only.

Also available in baby friendly version, click here for items 1602 and 1603.

Baby’s First Weeks booklets are available for customizing, minimum of 1000 booklets all the same language, click here to go to that page.

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Baby’s First Weeks booklet
Baby’s First Weeks booklet


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