Breaking the Silence Booklet – PPD defined


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Breaking the Silence Booklet – PPD defined Breaking the Silence Booklet – PPD defined

Depression Around Childbirth

Address postpartum depression head-on. Breaking the Silence booklet is a concise resource that defines PPD and goes into greater depth about the illness.

Postpartum depression, or PPD for short, is being more widely discussed these days. Most commonly called The Baby Blues, the condition can actually start before the baby is born. Thus, the newer terminally for “PPD” is now called Perinatal Depression. It is best if a pregnant mom be screened for PPD to determine if she has any risk factors. If she does have some of these factors, planning ahead and understanding it can help prevent a bad or extended depression. It doesn’t matter if it’s mom’s first baby or she’s given birth many times — PPD can strike out of the blue, so it’s best to be prepared and educated for it. Our little booklet is 29 pages long; short and sweet, with photos.

The Breaking the Silence booklet covers about 30 topics including

  • What causes postpartum depression
  • Who gets PPD
  • How to figure out if you have it
  • A list of PPDs typical symptoms, different degrees and categories of suffering; along with how to begin to make them go away
  • Idealization of, and adjustment to motherhood, plus PPD’s effect on marriage
  • Straightforward discussions of guilt, embarrassment, resentment, losses as well as other negative feelings that can accompany PPD
  • Positive words on planning for prevention

Last pages include

  • gentle advice on seeking professional help
  • medication may be needed
  • positive words on planning for prevention
  • where to find help locally in addition to current lists of organizations, including internet sources

Approved by Jane Honikman, founder of Postpartum Support International, Santa Barbara, CA

Breaking the Silence booklet is written at an 8th grade reading level and features a mix of multicultural photographs. Book size is 5½ x 8½” and has 29 pages.

If 29 pages is too long a read, Noodle Soup also carries our Breaking the Silence Short Version which is one pamphlet with 8 panels, highlighting the most common issues of PPD.

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Breaking the Silence Booklet – PPD defined
Breaking the Silence Booklet – PPD defined


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