Breastfeeding Newborn Kit


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Breastfeeding Newborn Kit – Gift for New Baby, Baby Checklist breastfeeding newborn kit

Our Breastfeeding Newborn Kit is the perfect gift for the new baby!  Here’s our, “baby checklist” of all of the items the newborn kit contains.  This is the perfect item if you own a WIC agency and need to buy packages of newborn kits in bulk.  Please review the items on the list below:

        1. Babies First – Four easy-to-read pamphlets cover the basics of breastfeeding
        2. Diaper Diary – Popular tool for monitoring intake
        3. Carry On, Baby Little Book – Promote baby-wearing to new parents.
        4. Born to be Breastfed Folder – Perfect for holding all the educational material in the kit, as well as, plenty of room for all the info mom collects from other healthcare providers. Folders have 2 pockets along with slots to hold a business card.
        5. Cotton washable nursing pads
        6. Breastmilk storage magnet
        7. I Eat at Mom’s infant shirt
        8. Burp cloth
        9. Infant gum massager
        10. Never, Never Shake a Baby pamphlet
        11. Milestones infant growth chart
        12. Baby’s First Weeks booklet
        13. Going Home…The 10th Month, Taking Care of Mom booklet
        14. Who’s That, It’s Me photo scrapbook
        15. Rattle keys
        16. Nasal aspirator
        17. Manicure set
        18. Digital thermometer
        19. Turtle Bath thermometer card
        20. Safe to Sleep guidelines beyond putting babies to sleep on their backs
        21. Info card with links to breastfeeding advice
        22. All packed in a roomy diaper bag tote

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    Gift for New Baby

    When it comes to breastfeeding, nothing is more important than being prepared for what is ahead, and this gift for the new baby and mother is the perfect item to help you get started!  Not only does this kit contain a standard breastfeeding newborn kit, it also has other items that you will find necessary for having your baby.  This is the perfect gift for a new baby and mother as it is the perfect preparation gift.

    Baby Checklist

    Consider this breastfeeding newborn kit the perfect thing to get for yourself or even a soon to be mother as it acts as a baby checklist.  Being completely prepared for your little one ahead of time will save you a lot of headaches and time going back and forth to the store.  And trust us, you need all the time you can get for your newborn!

    Noodlesoup is a major provider to the following types of agencies and businesses.  

      • WIC agency
      • Non-profit family service
      • Health Departments
      • Social Service Agencies
      • Community action agencies
      • Head start
      • Home visitation services
      • Early Head start
      • Hospitals
      • Family Advocacies Programs at Military Institutions
      • Native American Public Health Department
Breastfeeding Newborn Kit
Breastfeeding Newborn Kit


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