Choosing Healthy Foods Curriculum Kit


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Choosing Healthy Food Curriculum Choosing Healthy Food Curriculum

Hands-on activities and books support healthy eating

The Choosing Healthy Foods Curriculum Kit provides instructors with content for 30-minute supplemental lessons. Using classroom activities and popular Little Book titles, these lessons are perfect for preschool classrooms as well as parent engagement meetings.

Each curriculum features:

  • A brief overview of the concepts and evidence related to the topic. This helps to prepare the instructor for engaging with both students and caregivers.
  • Lesson plans for hands-on classroom activities. Can be adapted for preschool children only or children and caregivers.
  • Home activity handout to extend the classroom lesson.
  • Little Book class sets to promote reading and extend the lesson content.
  • Alignments to NAEYC Early Learning Standards and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Choosing Healthy Foods Curriculum

This curriculum includes two lessons to build knowledge and acceptance of fruits and veggies and new foods.

Lesson #1: Using Our Senses gives students and caregivers the chance to explore foods using all of their senses.
Lesson #2: Eating a Rainbow explores the variety of food colors that make up good nutrition.

Choosing Healthy Foods curriculum includes:

  • Choosing Healthy Foods 8-page Teacher’s Guide
  • Using Our Senses home activity sheet, tear pad of 25 sheets
  • Eating a Rainbow home activity sheet, tear pad of 25 sheets
  • Fruit and Veggie ABCs Little Book, 25 copies
  • Eating Healthy Every Day Little Book, 25 copies
  • What Color are You Eating Little Book, 25 copies
  • Choose MyPlate for Health Eating Little Book, 25 copies

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Choosing Healthy Foods Curriculum Kit
Choosing Healthy Foods Curriculum Kit


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