Digital Thermometer for Baby and Toddler


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Digital Thermometer for Baby and Toddler

The easy to use digital thermometer for baby and toddler is a great resource to have at your home.  Digital thermometers are fast and fairly accurate when using them on your littles ones.

Here’s a few highlights on this digital thermometer:

  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Oral reading in 30 seconds (can vary for underarm and rectal reading)
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • No mercury

Color and style may vary, sorry you can not specify a style.

Can you use a Digital Thermometer on a Baby?

Yes, you can use a digital thermometer on your baby.  Although, we do recommend exercising caution and following instructions from your pediatrician.

What Age Can I Use a Digital Thermometer for a Baby?

Digital thermometers are safe to use at any age unless your baby has allergic reactions to the materials used on the thermometer.  Some NICU’s use the hospital grade digital thermometer under the babies arm pits in order to take their temperature.  It is important to note that when you take the babies temperature under the arm pit that you realize it is usually one degree less than the actual body temperature.

How Do I Take My Babies Temperature Under the Armpit?

Taking your babies temperature under the armpit is an extremely easy process.  Just follow these steps for an accurate temperature reading.

  1. Remove your babies upper clothing so you have easy access to the armpit.
  2. Lift up your babies arm and expose the armpit.
  3. Take the digital thermometer and gently put the metal portion of the tip and rest it inside the armpit.
  4. Gently pull down your babies arm while holding the thermometer in the armpit.
  5. Press the on button.
  6. Give the thermometer up to 30 seconds to make a reading.
  7. Once you hear the thermometer beep, the temperature has been recorded and you can remove the thermometer from the baby’s armpit.
  8. Check the temperature on the thermometer.

Please contact your pediatrician for specific questions to make sure you are always being cautious and doing things correctly.

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Digital Thermometer for Baby and Toddler
Digital Thermometer for Baby and Toddler


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