Feeding Your Baby booklet

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Feeding Your Baby booklet – REVISED for 2024Feeding Your Baby booklet

Formula feeding basics for new parents including pace feeding

The Feeding Your Baby booklet explains using bottles and formula.
Topics covered are

  • the basics of feeding
  • combining breastmilk and formula
  • types of bottle and nipples
  • flow
  • pace feeding
  • how to choose formula
  • preparing formula
  • safely storing formula
  • cleaning bottles
  • water safety
  • heating formula
  • how to hold your baby during feeding
  • how much and how often to feed your baby
  • signs of hunger
  • signs the baby is full
  • nighttime feeding
  • is your baby getting enough or too much
  • burping and spit up
  • how long to bottle feed your baby
  • other helpful tips

The Feeding Your Baby booklet is basic information that is perfect for new families in public health programs. Booklet measures 5½ x 8″, is 15 pages and is written at 8th grade reading level. © 2024

Noodle Soup is a major provider to the following types of agencies and businesses.  

  • WIC Agencies 
  • Non-profit family service
  • Health Departments
  • Social Service Agencies 
  • Community action agencies 
  • Head start    
  • Home visitation services 
  • Early Head start
  • Hospitals 
  • Family Advocacies Programs at Military Institutions
  • Native American Public Health Department
  • Libraries 
Feeding Your Baby booklet
Feeding Your Baby booklet

Original price was: $1.75.Current price is: $1.50.

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