Reusable Accurate FeverScan Strips


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FeverScan Strips FeverScan Strips

Reusable Accurate FeverScan Strips

Use these reusable accurate feverscan strips to take a child’s temperature in only 15 seconds. This non-invasive thermal strip comes in a clear plastic sleeve, nestled inside an instruction sheet. Available in English only.  For Government agencies, we offer bulk ordering.

Customizing available here.

How Accurate Are Feverscan Strips?

Studies show that Feverscan strips have an 89% accuracy on children showing symptoms of a fever or other conditions. The positive predictive value to detect a fever was 57%.  There have not been a lot of studies with how accurate the forehead thermometer strips are, but they have been used widely with many positive feedback from consumers.

What is the Normal Temperature of the Head?

According to studies by the Mayo Clinic, the average body temperature is 98.6 F with the average range between 97 F and 99 F.  This range is a great indicator of what temperature you need to look for when using your resuably accurate feverscan strips.

Noodle Soup is a major provider to the following types of agencies and businesses.  

  • Non-profit family service
  • Health Departments
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Community action agencies
  • Headstart
  • Home visitation services
  • Early Head start
  • Hospitals
  • Family Advocacies Programs at Military Institutions
  • Native American Public Health Department
Reusable Accurate FeverScan Strips
Reusable Accurate FeverScan Strips


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