Hey Baby! (set of 4) Board Books


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Hey Baby! Board Books

Hey Baby! Board Books

Hey Baby board books help new parents engage with their new baby!  Basic topics model positive parenting and help new parents easily engage with their baby. Told from the child’s perspective, the tone and language is fun, light-hearted and positive. © 2014

Baby’s Day illustrates a simple daily routine.
How I Feel helps parents see the many emotions their child feels and even illustrates the prompt, appropriate response to many.
My Body models how parents can engage with their babies through touch and play.
Baby Things explores the world around baby, the start of learning that everything they has its own name. This also encourages parents to talk to baby, which has the earliest impact on language development

Noodle Soup board books help parents start reading aloud to their babies from the start. It is an affordable way to improve parental bonding and impact language development for the families in your program. Printed on heavy cardboard, perfect for babies who grab and chew on everything. Each “Noodle Soup exclusive” board book is a compact 14 pages and measures 5¼ x 5½”.

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Hey Baby! (set of 4) Board Books
Hey Baby! (set of 4) Board Books


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