Labor Lab Booklet


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Available in English #1660 or Spanish #1665.

Labor Lab Booklet

Labor Love Booklet

Labor love booklet is the perfect for childbirth educators, labor companions, doulas, nurses, and hospitals as well as end user moms and their partners.

Includes Rebozo
Easy 12-page booklet visually helps laboring women and supporters

The booklet:

  • provides quick visual reference
  • reviews and reinforces critical information

Topics include:

  • standing, leaning forward, side-lying, squatting, walking, semi sitting, back-to-back, kneeling
  • coping with back pain
  • rotating a posterior baby
  • breathing techniques
  • tips for riding in the car
  • when to call your doctor
  • what to look for when the water breaks
  • difference between True and Practice labor
  • when to go to the hospital
  • using a birth ball positions and safety tips
  • aromatherapy
  • massage
  • dealing with hyperventilation and panic
  • dealing with nausea or vomiting
  • acupressure points to help nausea, decrease pain, and increase contraction strength

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Labor Lab Booklet
Labor Lab Booklet


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