Mom is Breastfeeding coloring book


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Available in English #2990 and Spanish #2991
Sold as individual coloring books

Mom is Breastfeeding Coloring Book Mom is breastfeeding Coloring Book

Normalize breastfeeding for young children

The Mom is Breastfeeding coloring book helps children accept breastfeeding from a very early age. Our 16-page coloring book is filled with many positive messages.  Including 10 good reasons to breastfeed.

ILCA has recently review this coloring book. Noodle Soup’s new Mom Is Breastfeeding Coloring book is an excellent promotional item for IBCLCs, breastfeeding support counselors, childbirth educators, doulas, and anyone coming into frequent contact with new moms. Click here to read more.

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Mom is Breastfeeding coloring book
Mom is Breastfeeding coloring book
Noodle Soup
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