Nursery Rhyme Board Books (set of 2)


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Sold as set of 2 books

Nursery Rhyme Board Books

Nursery Rhyme Board Books

Our Nursery Rhyme Board Books have popular nursery rhymes and are beautifully illustrated.  These durable board books are perfect for little hands. Babies love the sing-song nature of nursery rhymes and these simple verses are easy for parents. The combination makes reading to baby simple and fun. Help parents in your program get in the habit of reading aloud to their baby.

Reading Aloud Helps Language Development!

Reading aloud helps babies learn to speak, interact with others, bond with parents and read early themselves. The Nursery Rhyme board books are the perfect tool to promote reading aloud to help the children in your program do well in school later on.

The back cover include tips for parents.

Books come shrink-wrapped in sets of 2, one each of Humpty Dumpty and Friends and Hey Diddle Diddle and More. Each book measures 5¼ x 5¼” and has 16 pages.

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Nursery Rhyme Board Books (set of 2)
Nursery Rhyme Board Books (set of 2)


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