Postpartum: From Pregnant to Parent DVD – Spanish


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Available in Spanish #2017 in DVD format

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Prepare Parents for Life with Baby with This Survival Guide

Postpartum: From Pregnant to Parent

It’s amazing how dramatically a seven-pound infant changes life, bringing both sunshine and rain. This program provides an accurate postpartum forecast and shows parents how to adjust to the changing weather. Through honest parent interviews, fun dramatizations, and a variety of planning tips, this program tells it like it is like no other. Parents will appreciate this realistic, yet reassuring tone, while learning practical ways to keep the clouds at bay and get the most out of this special time.

While other postpartum programs focus on mom’s physical recovery and baby care, From Pregnant to Parent is unique in covering the important emotional and lifestyle adjustments that all new parents face.


  • Engage moms and dads in your presentation
  • Use humor to start conversations about difficult topics
  • Cover a lot of information in a short amount of time
  • Validate a range of new-parent feelings and experiences
  • Have the flexibility to show in its entirety or in easy-to-access segments
  • Present diverse families to engage a variety of viewers


  • Feelings – changing feelings about baby and self, baby blues, warning signs of postpartum depression and psychosis
  • Your Relationship – stresses, dividing the workload, romance, communicating more effectively, getting out
  • Getting Support – building a support team, getting help with chores, parents and in-laws, new parents’ groups, community resources
  • Taking Care of You – overdoing it, nourishment, sleep, exercise, taking time for yourself, simplifying
  • Work and Childcare – preparing for leave, easing the back-to-work transition, childcare options and how to choose

Nothing reaches viewers more effectively than humor, and this program sprinkles it throughout to keep a light tone and to engage viewers. A short silent film parody contrasts life before and after baby. Conversations where people think one thing and say the opposite create comic misunderstandings that teach the importance of honest communication. Viewers will also learn the importance of simplifying in the early months as they see an exhausted “Supermom” trying to juggle housecleaning, fancy cooking, errands, and baby care. Creative elements like these, along with clever graphics, work together to make your presentation both instructive and fun.

“You have created a refreshingly honest portrayal of the postpartum period. With amusement, you present new parents with practical guidance about caring for themselves as well as their babies.”

Shoshana S. Bennett, Ph.D., President,

Postpartum Support Int’l.

“What an entertaining, yet realistic appraisal of life after birth. Educational, informative content with a dash of humor makes for an enjoyable video experience. Thanks for providing this to parents who are expecting or have a new child.”

Ann Norris, MSW, Statewide Program Manager,

CO Bright Beginnings

Available in DVD format in English or Spanish.
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Postpartum: From Pregnant to Parent DVD – Spanish
Postpartum: From Pregnant to Parent DVD – Spanish


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