Social Emotional Health Curriculum Kit


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Social Emotional Health Curriculum Kit

Social Emotional Health Curriculum Kit

Support social emotion health with this supplemental curriculum!

Social Emotional Health Curriculum Kit is a great supplemental curriculum.  Using classroom activities and popular Little Book titles, these lessons provide instructors with content for 30-minute supplemental lessons for preschool classrooms as well as parent engagement meetings.

Each curriculum features:

  • A brief overview of the concepts and evidence related to the topic. This helps to prepare the instructor for engaging with both students and caregivers.
  • Lesson plans for hands-on classroom activities. Can be adapted for preschool children only or children and caregivers.
  • Home activity handout to extend the classroom lesson.
  • Little Book class sets to promote reading and extend the lesson content.
  • Alignments to NAEYC Early Learning Standards and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Social Emotional Health Curriculum
This lesson helps children identify and express basic emotions and learn self-regulation.

Curriculum includes:

  • Social Emotional Health 8-page Teacher’s Guide
  • Social Emotional Development home activity sheet, tear pad of 25 sheets
  • 25 copies of How I Feel Little Book
  • 25 copies of The Importance of Routines Little Book

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Social Emotional Health Curriculum Kit
Social Emotional Health Curriculum Kit


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