Stages of Labor 2nd Edition DVD – ON SALE – Spanish only


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DVDs are on sale while supplies last. Spanish only. #2065

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The DVD Stages of Labor 2nd Edition: a visual guide is available Spanish only.

The video that revolutionized childbirth is now even better!

The Stages of Labor 2nd Edition:
A Visual Guide
Injoy has replaced its 1999 ground breaking video with The Stages of Labor 2nd Edition. ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

This exciting edition features animation and birth footage, while continuing to give the accurate, concise information that made teaching the stages of labor so easy and informative with the first edition.

Amazing animation gives an inside view of birth
Viewers take a remarkable journey through the birth process with 3D animation that clearly illustrates what happens inside the body during each stage of labor. The animation is woven together with inspiring labor footage and parent commentary, creating a complete look at both the physical and emotional progression of labor. By emphasizing the body’s natural ability to give birth, this program leaves parents feeling confident about their own upcoming childbirth experiences.

How is Stages 2nd Edition new and improved?

  • From the baby’s skin tone to the uterine muscle, every bit of the new animation is more vivid and realistic, making it even easier for you to effectively teach the stages of labor.
  • Several remarkable new animation sequences have been created, including one that illustrates the amazing cardinal movements of the baby.
  • Beautifully shot, all-new birth footage features a diverse group of families using many upright, active labor techniques throughout the stages of labor.
  • Shows live birth
  • Animation makes difficult concepts easy to understand, including:
  • Anatomy of Pregnancy
  • Pre-labor signs (warm-up contractions, lightening, show)
  • Onset of labor
  • Uterine contractions during the different stages of labor
  • Cervical effacement and dilation
  • Internal rotation
  • Fetal descent and birth (pelvic station, bony plates, extension, external rotation)
  • Delivery of placenta and involution

From signs of pre-labor to delivery of the placenta, The Stages of Labor 2nd Edition covers it all with the fresh, new look that you need to keep today’s media-savvy parents engaged. No childbirth class is complete without it!

Includes Facilitator’s Guide and handouts. Ages 13-adult, 29 minutes, released 2006.

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Stages of Labor 2nd Edition DVD – ON SALE – Spanish only
Stages of Labor 2nd Edition DVD – ON SALE – Spanish only


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