The Stages of Labor – 3rd Edition DVD


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Available in English #2036 or Spanish #2037 on DVD

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The Stages of Labor 3rd Edition DVD Stages of Labor 3rd Edition DVD

Help expectant parents visualize their birth experience with lifelike 3D animation showing exactly what happens inside the body during all four stages of labor. Combined with real birth footage, common emotions occurring during each stage are highlighted, along with coping methods and partner tips. This program helps parents become familiar with the sights and sounds of labor, reducing fears, and increasing feelings of preparedness. The most up-to-date, comprehensive, and professional way to teach the stages of labor.


  • Stunning animation of mother and baby gives a realistic view of anatomy and birth physiology
  • All new birth footage and interviews with relatable families
  • Early/active labor information updated based on new research
  • Addition of the fourth stage of labor, including physiological changes and bondingM
  • More emphasis on skin-to-skin contact and keeping mother and baby together after birth

DVD BONUS: Digital Posters
These vivid graphics allow for quick access to clear visuals that help you review topics or answer questions in your own words.

Content Includes:

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy uterus, cervix, vagina, mucous plug, placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic sac and fluid
  • Pre-Labor Signs Braxton-Hicks contractions, lightening, mucous plug, other signs
  • Onset of Labor contractions, water breaking, COAT
  • The Four Stages of Labor overview, length of labor
  • First Stage contractions, cervical effacement and dilation, emotions, support, when to go to the hospital, internal rotation, fetal positions
  • Second Stage contractions, emotions, support, pelvic station, bony plates, crowning, birth
  • Third Stage Skin-to-skin contact, placenta
  • Fourth Stage involution, afterpains, breastfeeding

Ages 13-adult, 34 minutes © 2013
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The Stages of Labor – 3rd Edition DVD
The Stages of Labor – 3rd Edition DVD


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