Step by Step 22-24 Months


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Available in English #1422 or Spanish #1522.
Sold as individual pamphlets

Step-by-Step 22-24 Months As Your Child Grows

Written by Maternal and Child Health providers, this series includes straight forward practical parenting tips about:

  • DevelopmentStep by Step 22-24 Months
  • Feeding
  • Safety
  • Sleeping
  • Bathing
  • Playing
  • Discipline
  • Activities
  • Behaviors

Parents learn what a baby likes to do during each month and how to help. As baby reaches new milestones, like eating solid foods, drinking from a cup, or learning to talk, extra attention is given to that topic.

Redesigned and updated in 2014, brand new illustrations, tag lines and callouts provide quick tips for parents scanning the pamphlets. Written at 8th-grade reading level, four panels of info provide good detail without overwhelming low literacy readers.

Folded size is 5½ x 8½.”

Noodle Soup is a major provider to the following types of agencies and businesses.  

  • WIC Agencies 
  • Non-profit family service
  • Health Departments
  • Social Service Agencies 
  • Community action agencies 
  • Head start    
  • Home visitation services 
  • Early Head start
  • Hospitals 
  • Family Advocacies Programs at Military Institutions
  • Native American Public Health Department
  • Libraries  
Step by Step 22-24 Months
Step by Step 22-24 Months


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