Understanding Birth 3rd Edition DVD


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Available in English #2026 or Spanish #2027, on DVD

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Understanding Birth DVD Understanding Birth DVD

The third edition, this comprehensive DVD can support your entire childbirth education lessons.
All of your teaching points and each stage of labor and birth are covered with real-world video examples.

In the 3rd edition

  • Up-to-date ACOG labor guidelines
  • Recent AAP circumcision and SIDS recommendations
  • Realistic animation of anatomy, labor and medical procedures
  • New footage of modern families support story-based education
  • Presents an unmedicated birth story
  • Parent handouts for each chapter reinforce the information

Chapters include:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Labor
  3. Birth Story
  4. Comfort Techniques
  5. Medical procedures
  6. Cesarean birth
  7. Newborns
  8. Postpartum

Ages 13-adult, total running time 146 minutes, © 2015.
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Understanding Birth 3rd Edition DVD
Understanding Birth 3rd Edition DVD


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