Understanding Breastfeeding DVD


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Understanding Breastfeeding DVD Understanding Breastfeeding DVD

Emphasize a woman’s natural ability to breastfeed

Understanding Breastfeeding DVD Your Guide to a Healthy Start 3rd edition helps you teach important breastfeeding concepts. It also instills confidence by emphasizing a woman’s natural ability to breastfeed. Following the latest ILCA and AAP recommendations, this evidence-based teaching tool helps increase initiation and duration rates while helping families get the best possible start with breastfeeding.


  • Advantages of laid-back breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact
  • New animations based on the latest research comparing deep and shallow latches, and the process of healthy milk production
  • Emphasis on how parents can improve their chances for breastfeeding success
  • Candid comments from new parents sharing their own breastfeeding experiences

Understanding Breastfeeding DVD Content Includes:

  • How Breastfeeding Works – 3D breast anatomy and milk production animation, breastmilk qualities, why breastfeeding is important to mothers and babies, AAP exclusivity recommendations
  • Getting the Best Start – sharing breastfeeding plans with the hospital staff, skin-to-skin contact, rooming-in, lactation consultants, pacifier recommendations
  • Latching On – latching on in a reclined and upright position, 3D animation of effective and ineffective latches
  • Breastfeeding Positions – laid-back, cross-cradle, football, side-lying and cradle hold
  • When to Feed Your Baby – hunger and satiation cues, feeding patterns and guidelines, how to feed a sleepy baby
  • Getting Enough Milk – signs of milk transfer, growth spurts, feeding and diaper log, stool and urine guidelines, weight gain, getting help
  • Breast Care – normal breast fullness, hand expression and pumping, engorgement, nipple tenderness, mastitis and other warning signs
  • Breastfeeding Lifestyle – partner support and involvement, feeding in public, self-care,
    substances to avoid, support groups, returning to work

DVD bonuses include:

  • Video clip demonstrating how to express breastmilk by hand
  • New 3D animation clips showing latch and milk production
  • Breastfeeding positions image library

35 minutes, ©2013
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Understanding Breastfeeding DVD
Understanding Breastfeeding DVD


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