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Understanding Birth 2nd Edition DVD - Spanish only

Understanding Birth 2nd Edition A Comprehensive Guide, 2 volume set

The most practical, powerful teaching tool ever produced for birth education professionals. Understanding Birth: A Comprehensive Guide enables you to be a leader in birth education. With its 9 streamlined chapters, you will captivate expectant parents as they learn the essential need-to-know information about pregnancy, birth and postpartum - creating a climate of confidence for their coming births.

Understanding Birth will help you make your birth education program:

  • More informative and entertaining
  • More reflective of social and ethnic diversity
  • More up-to-date
  • More empowering

Present material faster, easier and with far greater impact
Designed to fit into time-crunched class schedules, Understanding Birth provides the most sought-after topics in 9 concise chapters with clear stopping and starting points. Built-in versatility means you can find just what you need when you need it, so your presentation is more organized and ultimately, more effective.

Hold parents' attention and increase retention
Understanding Birth presents balanced information, so parents will better grasp the pros and cons of their options and be well-prepared for unanticipated interventions.

With Understanding Birth you will:

  • Show unmedicated, epidural and cesarean births
  • Provide current information on interventions and prevention strategies
  • Increase understanding with state-of-the-art labor animation
  • Prepare parents with comfort techniques and preparation exercises
  • Show newborn procedures, tests, bonding and breastfeeding
  • Demystify pregnancy, labor, postpartum care and more

State-of-the-art computer animation surpasses charts and models
With animated segments on pregnancy, labor and birth options, like cesarean birth scenes from Chapter 6, parents get an inside view of how the stages of labor and birth unfold without the unsettling effects of live footage.

Includes 9 topics birth educators & nurses request most.

Chapter 1 Understanding Pregnancy
Quickly, conveniently and efficiently teach the basics of pregnancy: physical/emotional changes, lightening, the mucous plug, nutrition, preterm labor, warming up, contractions and more.

Chapter 2 Understanding Labor
Deepen understanding using 3-D animation of the internal working of labor: rotation, descent, passage through the birth canal, placenta delivery and more.

Chapter 3 Deborah's Birth
Show labor techniques in action and answer common questions with frank, yet tasteful footage of an un-medicated birth, conserving energy, coping techniques, positions, positive support and more.

Chapter 4 Understanding Comfort Techniques
Help parents have a better birth experience by showing techniques used in each stage of labor: relaxation, breathing, visualization, support, positions, back labor and more.

Chapter 5 Understanding Interventions
Prepare parents for common hospital interventions: benefits and risks, Julie's epidural birth story, induction and augmentation, monitoring, anesthesia, amniotomy, assisted delivery, episiotomy and more.

Chapter 6 Understanding Cesarean Birth
Equip parents for an unplanned or planned cesarean through Mary Pat's birth story: animation of the surgery, footage of anesthesia, recovery, reducing the risk, reasons for unplanned cesarean and more.

Chapter 7 Understanding the Newborn
Ease anxiety about newborn appearance and behaviors, common procedures and tests, early bonding, breastfeeding and more.

Chapter 8 Understanding Postpartum
Smooth the transition to parenthood by providing a solid working knowledge of early postpartum: involution, perineal care, bleeding, warning signs, breastfeeding, hunger cues, emotional changes, depression and more.

Chapter 9 Labor Preparation Exercises
Build confidence in your expectant parents with step-by-step demonstrations of relaxation, breathing, visualization, positions, back labor techniques and more.

Ages 13-adult, total running time of 148 minutes. Released 2001.
Sorry, we cannot ship this title to Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer previewing on videos. However, we will refund the price of the video when it is returned to us unharmed and unmarked within 30 days of the date we shipped it. Sorry, no refunds on shipping.

Available in Spanish #2027D, on DVD

Original Price: $395.95
Price: $269.97
You Save: $125.98
Item Number: 2027D

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