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Noodle Soup is a nationally renowned health promotions organization that specializes in low-cost, high-quality educational materials. The company works with agencies that provides low-literacy material for pregnant women, new mothers, parents and children. 

Our customers include WIC agencies, health departments, Head Start agencies, hospitals, community action agencies, family service agencies, home visitation professionals and day-care centers. 

Noodle Soup is a mission-driven, female-owned company focused on parenting skills, healthy living, nutrition, breastfeeding, perinatal education, postpartum care, immunization and early childhood development. 

Customizable Products for Government Agencies & Hospitals

Noodle Soup’s main customers are government and hospitals with our top customer being WIC. Outside of our focus on helping families with prenatal to early childhood knowledge, what sets apart Noodle Soup is our ability to offer all of our products at wholesale pricing. Simply put, it will be hard to beat Noodle Soup on pricing.

At Noodle Soup, we look forward to building relationships with all of our customers. Once you order with us, you are part of our Noodle Soup family! We know many of our customers on a first name basis and even recognize their voices when they call. We believe that our repeat business shows you how customer service and satisfaction is our primary goal.

Independent Consumer Buyers

While Noodle Soup focuses on working with large agencies and hospitals nationwide, we also offer our heavily discounted prices to individual consumers. Please note that some of our products do have an MOQ (minimum order quantity). If you have any questions about ordering from Noodle Soup make sure to chat with us online or give us a call!

Please use the directory below to help all of our customers with any questions you may have.

Information on shipping, deliveries, and ordering can be found here.

For a free Noodle Soup catalog, Request a Catalog or call us at 800-795-9295.

List of Our Major Customers

WIC Agencies – Lactation consultants and IBCLCs rely on easy-to-read, short breastfeeding education and promotion to help families start and continue breastfeeding. Nutritionists and RDNs help families learn the basics of healthy eating with innovative photo guides, children’s books, and educational material. Parenting education material and affordable giveaways help the entire agency engage families and reinforce the benefits of WIC, helping them retain participants.

Public Health Departments – While WIC Agencies are the cornerstone of Noodle Soup’s service to Public Health Departments, we also support the full array of Maternal Child Health initiatives, including, immunization programs, home visiting, early intervention, public health nursing, lead poisoning, safe sleep, father engagement, and health promotion.

Non-profit family service and social service agencies – Noodle Soup provides family engagement and educational material for the vast network of non-profit organization that support families across the country. They range from major national service organizations including United Way, YMCA, Catholic Charities, EasterSeals and Prevent Child Abuse America to the thousands of local agencies serving their immediate community. The origin story of these local agencies is often that of a concerned woman or two who took it upon themselves a hundred years ago to help their neighbors. Those missions carry on today with the support of foundation and government grants and contracts with local government agencies.

Social workers and supporting professionals in these agencies help families with wrap-around services including preschool and childcare, prenatal care, alternative education, job training, employment assistance, mental and behavioral health services, homeless assistance, emergency housing, mentoring, family development services, family counseling services.

Noodle Soup material supports agency programs in early intervention, child abuse prevention, home visiting, childcare, child development, parenting.

Community Action Agencies – Community Action Agencies often manage Head Start, WIC, and other family service programs where the educational material, health promotion and children’s products provided by Noodle Soup help them reach and teach families. The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 created the Community Action Network of national and locally focused organizations that connect millions of children and families to greater opportunity. Agencies are funded by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), a federal program that allocates funding to states.

Hospitals – Hospitals are one of the primary sources of health information for families with a new baby. Breastfeeding classes, sibling classes, birthing centers, lactation departments, community health and patient education staff rely on Noodle Soup’s very specialized, evidence-based handouts on pregnancy, breastfeeding and new baby care.

Head Start and Early Head Start– teaching and feeding infants and preschoolers in need is the demanding work of every head start teacher, aide, social worker, nutritionist, education coordinator, and program manager. Noodle Soup supports these teams across that full array of disciplines. Children’s books on everything from healthy eating to bedtime routines make healthy habits fun and easy to learn. Handouts on child development dovetail with developmental toys to make family engagement engaging! Tons of positive parenting tips help parents do their best for their growing family.

Community Health – From helping women get important prenatal care to educating families on nutrition and positive parenting, Noodle Soup supports Community Health Centers efforts to keep their communities healthy. FQHC and look-alike clinics are essential health resources in thousands of underserved communities across the country, and Noodle Soup is proud to help their heroic effort.

Military – Family Advocacy Programs, New Parent Support Programs, Army Community Services, Fleet and Family Support trust Noodle Soup to provide educational material to help military families succeed. Parenting resources include engaging, informative material on positive parenting, child wellness items, and developmental toys. These hands-on materials promote bonding, play, learning and healthy development for the whole family.

Education – Since education is one of the core missions of Noodle Soup, it follows that educational institutions come to us for material to help with their family engagement, parenting education, community outreach and nutrition education. Customers include Early Care and Education Centers, Head Start, K-12 Schools, University Extension SNAP-Ed, Public Library Children’s Services, and Educational Service Cooperatives.

Home visiting – Proven effective in reducing health disparities and helping families thrive, home visiting programs play a unique and critical role with first-time parents. Noodle Soup works with national and local programs to give moms and dads resources and material to help them succeed. While reading a pamphlet on infant development may be challenging, giving a new mom a doll teether and an I Am Your Baby board book is a natural way for both parent and child to bond and develop. Programs served by us include Nurse Family Partnership, Parents as Teachers, First Born, Healthy Start, Healthy Families, HANDS, Early Head Start.

Native American – From breastfeeding promotion to parenting education, Noodle Soup supports the programs and organizations that serve Native American families. WIC clinics, health clinics, home visiting programs, Indian Health Service; Community Health Nursing can count on us for low-cost material to help them meet their family outreach, education, and engagement challenges.

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