Best Breastfeeding Tips after a C-Section

Best Breastfeeding Tips after a C-Section

Breastfeeding after a cesarean may seem like a scary and daunting task. This is why we came up with our article on the best breastfeeding tips after a c-section so we can help educate mothers on this important topic.

Some mothers plan for a cesarean while others are unexpectedly forced into this situation. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s important to have the proper knowledge of breastfeeding and the health benefits for your baby.

Why is breastfeeding important?

We’ve all heard that breastfeeding is very important for your baby, but most people don’t understand why breastfeeding is so important.

Breastfeeding your baby will give your baby the proper nutrients they need at the optimal amounts for them. It really is a miracle that the mother can produce such a powerful nutritional factor to their babies health that can help the baby fight off sickness and disease while also providing important nutrients for growth. Breast milk can even help the baby develop brain power. In fact, breast-feeding is so important that it is recommended that your baby is breastfed up to 6 months of age according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Why is breastfeeding difficult after a c-section?

A common question is why breastfeeding is difficult after a c-section? Is it the mother or something to be completely expected as a result of a c-section? The good news is, there is nothing that will stop the mother from successfully breastfeeding after getting a c-section. A c-section may possibly push back the amount of time it takes for the mother to produce milk, but a cesarean will not eliminate your ability to breastfeed your baby.

How long does it take for breast milk to come in after c-section?

The first 3-4 days after birth the mother will produce the powerful baby’s first milk called, colostrum. Colostrum is loaded with antibodies and other important nutritional benefits for your newborn. After your colostrum is gone, you will be able to produce more milk for your baby. This holds true whether you’ve had a c-section or a natural birth. But the question is, how long until a mother that had a cesarean can produce colostrum and then milk?

Typically, the delay in colostrum and milk production for mothers is 2-3 days. There may be cases where this is longer and some cases where there is no delay at all. According to Healthline, there rarely is a cause for concern.

5 Tips on breastfeeding after a c-section

  1. Skin-to-skin contact after birth. Skin to skin contact after birth has been a proven powerhouse for both mother and baby. This technique is used as part of helping babies in NICU recover from being born prematurely. Skin to skin contact can regulate your babies temperature and heart rate while also signaling to the mothers body to start producing breast milk. It’s absolutely incredible how our bodies were programed!
  2. Breastfeeding ASAP or use a pump. It’s a proven technique that mothers start to produce more breastmilk when attempting 12 sessions per day at the beginning of their breastfeeding journey. If you cannot breast feed, then use a pump and store that valuable colostrum and milk.
  3. Consult a lactation consultant. Lactation consultants are a very valuable asset to mothers across the globe. They help you achieve your breastfeeding goals while also acting as a support system for you. The last thing you want is to inhibit milk production due to stress. A lactation consultant can relieve anxiety by providing you with tried and true experience!
  4. Nurse however you are most comfortable. It’s important for you to heal after your c-section, so do your best to find someone to help position you and your baby in a comfortable position for both of you. Try to find an angle or use a boppy pillow that allows you to easily relax and enjoy your experience.
  5. Rest as much as you can. Resting your body will allow your body to repair itself. The more rest and repair, the more efficient your breastmilk output will be. Allow others to help you and watch your baby so you can get some extra sleep. This is more important than many mothers realize!

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