Fish Bath Thermometer


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Fish Bath Thermometer

Fish Bath thermometer

The Fish Bath Thermometer makes bath time easier for parents. Float the fish bath thermometer in the water first. Knowing the water temperature, before putting children the bath, will prevent scalding. Easy-to-read indicator, non-toxic contents. Colors will vary.

What Is The Perfect Bath Temperature for Babies?

According from this article from Nationwide Children, the ideal temperature for a babies bath is just above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  When bathing your baby, be sure to keep a firm yet gentle grip on your baby due to the softness of baby skin and soap combined.  Babies can become very slippery while you bath them.  It’s best to have a smaller bathing tub to use inside the bath so your baby is in a smaller and safer space.

Baths should be short and to the point which is to simply cleanse your baby.  This is so you can regulate your babies body temperature.  Once your baby is done, immediately put it in a towel and gently pat it dry.

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Fish Bath Thermometer
Fish Bath Thermometer


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