Healthiest Choice Poster, 2 sizes


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Available in English only in the small size #3021 and large size, back to back English and Spanish #3042

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Healthiest Choice Poster  Healthiest Choice Poster

The Healthiest Choice poster is a must for all waiting rooms

Breastfeeding: Simply the Healthiest Choice
Affordable health care begins with breastfeeding

The Healthiest Choice poster has impressive health statistics, as compiled by Debra Swank, RN, BSN, IBCLC.

  • The large poster, #3042, is 37 x 26″, has English on one side and Spanish on the other and comes laminated. ON SALE Was $16 now $7 while supplies last.
  • The small poster, #3021, is 20 x 18″, is English only and also comes laminated. ON SALE Was $9 now $2 while supplies last
  • The Healthiest Choice posters list specific health benefits to breastfed babies and adults, as well as benefits to mom
  • This poster belongs in every exam room, so the expectant mother can ponder its convincing message
  • Poster have lamination on both sides and ship rolled up

The large back-to-back posters are updated with a new bulleted item. There is some evidence that breastfeeding may help decrease Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (SIDS). The small English only posters still have the bullet For every 87 artificially fed babies who die from SIDS/crib death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), only 3 breastfed babies die from SIDS.

Noodle Soup is a major provider to the following types of agencies and businesses.  

  • WIC Agencies 
  • Non-profit family service
  • Health Departments
  • Social Service Agencies 
  • Community action agencies 
  • Head start    
  • Home visitation services  
  • Early Head start
  • Hospitals 
  • Family Advocacies Programs at Military Institutions
  • Native American Public Health Department
  • Libraries  
Healthiest Choice Poster, 2 sizes
Healthiest Choice Poster, 2 sizes


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