I Am Two Little Book


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Available in English #9898 and Spanish #9899
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I am Two Little Book I am Two Little Book

Two-year-olds grow up fast and learning every day. I Am Two little book has cute photos of other kids with fun rhyming text. Here’s what I do Little Book can help encourage children in your program to try new things. This children’s book also helps parents see and understand what is typical behavior for their toddler. In family service programs and parenting education, this title can be an easy conversation starter, helping you to ensure that emotional, physical and cognitive milestones are on track . © 2016

One-year-old milestones are explored in the companion title I am one and having fun Little Book.

Help Parents Recognize Milestones

I Am Two Little Book is part of the Little Book series. This popular series of children’s books encourages reading aloud while teaching the whole family healthy habits. Photos of children and engaging artwork appeal to toddlers. Lighthearted text, often in catchy rhymes, reinforces key health and child development messages to children and parents. Because children’s books get read over and over, the health messages stay front and center in the family. Agencies nationwide use these books to enhance their family engagement, parent education, reading promotion and nutrition education.

Little Books are printed on sturdy card stock, measure 5½ x 5½” and have 16 pages.

See the full list of Little Books here.

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I Am Two Little Book
I Am Two Little Book


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