20 Roadtrip Essentials for Toddlers

Are you planning a road trip with your toddler, but feeling overwhelmed? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Road trips with little ones can be quite daunting, however, having some proper planning and the right supplies will make traveling with toddlers much smoother.

In this blog post, we’ll share 20 essential items that are must-haves for any successful road trip.

There are clever toys and entertainment to ensure its perfect for your little adventurers!

With these tips and tricks in hand, get ready for an unforgettable experience as a family – without ever leaving home!

20 Roadtrip Essentials for Toddlers

1. Extra Clothes: Toddlers can be incredibly messy and if there is an accident, a change of clothes will come in handy. Remember, we are talking about toddlers here and they have a fun way of getting dirty at times!

2. Diapers: Bring enough diapers for the duration of your trip plus one extra package just in case you get delayed or find yourself stuck in traffic.

3. Water Bottles: A spill-proof cup with a straw to keep your toddler hydrated throughout the journey. You can use water bottles or BPA free cups that you can refill with water you pick-up from the gas station.

4. Wet Wipes: For spills, messes, sticky hands and faces…you name it! These come in handy on long trips!

5. Snacks/Treats: Keep a variety of healthy snacks like nuts, crackers, and dried fruit as well as special treats like lollipops that they can enjoy while in the car. Just make sure to avoid items that toddlers can choke on.

6. Toys/Games: Have a variety of activities for your child to keep them occupied throughout the drive, like coloring books, board games, and even an iPad with their favorite shows saved for entertainment. Some children and parents enjoy Amazon Kindles as they have toddler-friendly educational games.

7. Pillow/Blanket: Packing blankets and pillows is an easy way to ensure that your toddler has a comfortable place to rest if they feel tired or cranky during the journey. Blankets and pillows take up very little room in the car, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough space for all of your luggage. You can easily move blankets or pillows from one spot to another if your child wants to change their seating arrangement in the car, which may make them more comfortable overall.

8. Stroller: Bringing along a stroller can be useful if you need to take your toddler out of the car while it is parked or if they get too tired to walk around but still want some fresh air outside of the vehicle.

9. Sunscreen: To keep your little one safe from any harmful UV rays on sunny days!

10. Baby Carrier/Sling: These are perfect for carrying your toddler around when you’re not in the car.

11. Baby Monitor: If you plan on stopping at hotels or campsites, a baby monitor can be a helpful way to keep an eye on your little one while they sleep.

12. First Aid Kit: Always have a first aid kit with bandages and ointments just in case of any emergency.

13. Books/Audiobooks: Having some books or stories on tape can help pass the time and make the drive more enjoyable for everyone involved!

14. Pet Supplies (if applicable): If you’re bringing along any furry companions, make sure to bring their food and leashes.

15. Trash Bag: A trash bag with a bag seal is essential to keep the car clean and organized during your trip!

16. Songs/Activities: Put together a playlist of their favorite songs or plan out some fun activities like counting games or I Spy that will make the drive less monotonous.

17. Sanitation Supplies: To help ensure that your little one stays germ-free on the go, bring along plenty of hand sanitizer and baby wipes!

18. Safe Car Seat: Having an appropriate car seat is essential to keep your toddler safe! Make sure it is properly secured before leaving for your road trip.

19. Stops Along The Way: Take advantage of the scenery and exciting attractions that you pass along the way. Make a few stops when possible to give everyone in the car a break from sitting down for so long.

20. Patience: Road trips can be overwhelming, especially with toddlers! Have patience and know that it will all be worth it in the end!

Having these 20 road trip essentials for toddlers prepared beforehand is essential to make sure your journey is as enjoyable as possible!

Even though things may get chaotic, have faith in knowing that having these items on hand will help keep your toddler comfortable and entertained throughout your travels. Happy trails!

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