Ways New Moms Can Regain Body Confidence And Self-Esteem After Having A Baby

In a study of 161 pregnant and postpartum women conducted by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, 50% of women admitted they experience body dissatisfaction, according to US News. Feeling less satisfied about your body image after giving birth is normal. The good news is you don’t need to struggle with low body confidence for a long time after childbirth. 

It’s possible to return to one’s pre-pregnancy body 6-12 months after having a baby. For others, it may take longer than that to get back in shape. While exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are key to losing weight after pregnancy, there are other things you can do to ensure you feel confident about your body image. Read on to learn effective ways new mums gain body confidence and self-esteem postpartum. 

Prioritize Self-Care

As a new mom, your work will revolve around milk feeds, endless laundry, diaper changes, and weaning. With all these responsibilities, you may feel you don’t have time to take care of yourself. However, a little self-care goes a long way in improving your appearance and confidence after giving birth. 

So, when your baby takes a nap or sleeps at night, wash and style your hair, paint your nails, and take care of your skin. Taking care of skin and hair postpartum doesn’t have to be hard work. As a general rule of thumb, eat healthy, keep your scalp clean, avoid pulling your hair, and take vitamin supplements to maintain healthy hair. For skin, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, cleanse, apply moisturizer, and use sunscreen every day.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts About Your Body Image

Negative thoughts about your body lower your confidence significantly. Therefore, find ways to eliminate negative thoughts about body image. For example, instead of thinking how your belly is big and makes you look fat, tell yourself that’s how bellies look after pregnancy, and appreciate its ability to carry your child for nine months. Also, if the clothes you wear make you feel less confident, invest in new ones that fit well and make you look elegant.

Seek Professional Help

There’s nothing wrong with getting in shape after pregnancy. But pursuing the perfect body postpartum can result in unhealthy exercise habits, disordered eating, and poor mental health, like anxiety. Anxiety after childbirth is normal. But stressing about your body image worsens the symptoms of postpartum anxiety, like fatigue, persistent worrying, anger, and mood swings. These symptoms will not only affect your health but also the overall wellbeing of your newborn. It is, therefore, crucial to consult a therapist to help you overcome negative self talk about your body and boost self-esteem.  

Center Postpartum Workout Around Empowerment

Exercising is a sure way of getting back to your pre-baby body. Unfortunately, many women set fitness goals that feel more like a punishment than empowerment. For example, choosing to do hours of cardio exercises you don’t like won’t help you burn most calories. You may end up skipping cardio exercises in the long run. Instead, search for exercises ideal for new moms and choose those that make you feel good. For instance, you can do strength training, Kegels, walking, or jogging. The key is to embrace a workout routine you can stick to without feeling pressured. 

Returning to your pre-baby body after pregnancy can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. You can achieve your fitness and health goals by following a healthy diet and regular workouts. Also, avoid negative self talk about your body image, prioritize self-care, and choose exercises that empower you. 

Article by Nina Holden

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