Can a Baby be too Fat?

There’s nothing more adorable than a cute little baby. However, some parents tend to worry about the size of their little ones and sometimes wonder, can a baby be too fat? While birth weight can be different from one baby to another baby, it is normally not a cause for concern. Babies come out in all different sizes and it’s always best to see what your doctor tells you about your babies size.

So let’s dig into the purpose of this article, can a baby be too fat? We aren’t just talking about newborns, we are also referring to babies under 1 year of age. We’ve all seen a baby before that you did a double-take on because it was quite the little chunker! However, does the chunkier the baby equal an unhealthy baby?

How can you tell if your baby is overweight?

So, how can you tell if your baby is overweight? The best way to understand if your baby is overweight is by using a chart like the one below by the CDC.

Typically, most children fall between the 5th to 85th percentile for their age and weight. The only time that is normally a cause for concern is when a baby is beyond that 85th percentile. Verify with your baby’s weight with your pediatrician and they may recommend trying different things to get the babies weight under control. Is every baby beyond the 85th percentile overweight? Not necessarily, but this chart does provide a great gauge for parents.

When should I worry about a fat baby?

Sometimes moms call pediatricians asking when they should worry about a fat baby. Let’s pretend your baby is beyond that 85th percentile for their BMI. Typically, a pediatrician will request you bring your baby in. Most of the visits will end with the mother or father reassured that their baby is just fine. It’s extremely rare that a pediatrician would put your baby on a calorie restricted diet.

Most pediatricians will recommend that the baby’s parents monitor the baby’s size but not be overly concerned. Sometimes a baby is just a little extra chunky!

Is it normal for a baby to have big tummy?

It’s completely normal for a baby to have a big round tummy! Babies and toddlers have round tummy’s and there are a few reason for this. Babies spine curvature due to muscle strength are not as strong or as developed as an adult. The weaker muscles causes the belly to bulge out slightly.

Another reason for a baby having a big tummy is their internal organs. A baby’s stomach will continue to move around and fit as they grow older. A baby’s stomach is in a horizontal position at birth. By the time your baby turns two years old, the stomach will move into a vertical position.

You baby’s liver is also large at birth. This is a normal part of a baby’s development. Your baby will grow into their liver as they get older. All of these are reasons why you baby has a big tummy but as you can see they are not things you have to worry about! As always though, if something does seem to be concerning, make sure to contact your pediatrician.

What do I do if my baby is overweight?

I’m sure some of you are still asking what to do if your baby is overweight. If you read this entire article and you are still concerned then it’s safe to say you need the comfort that only an expert can give you. Contact your trusted pediatrician and express your concerns to them. They will always be a better choice than a Google search since you get that one-on-one in-person interaction.

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